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Sustainability is an integral part of NEOT Spirit and underpins our operations. Operating in a crucially important and challenging industry makes us even more motivated to do things as sustainably as possible. Traceability and responsibility of supply chain is one of our strategic development areas.


Sustainability agenda

We are focusing our efforts on few selected sustainability topics and 4 SDGs most relevant to our operations.

Policies and principles

NEOT policies and principles, on e.g. business conduct and human rights, guide our everyday work and decision-making.

Human rights

We acknowledge our operations have impacts on people’s lives. We work towards better understanding and more comprehensive management of human rights impacts resulting from our operations.


We operate in an industry with significant climate impacts. Therefore we have a great responsibility to do our share in the combat against climate change.

Sustainable sourcing

The purpose of our operations is to provide our owners with competitive and sustainable fuel solutions. Thus, the sustainability of our supply chain is of crucial importance.

Sustainability reporting

We report about our sustainability work and impacts on people and the environment as transparently as possible. Our sustainability reporting applies Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards reporting guidelines but is not compliant with the GRI Standards in accordance criteria. Our annual sustainability report presents our business model as well as our most important sustainability themes and achievements during the reporting year. We continuosly develop our reporting based on received feedback.