With top-notch logistics operations, we ensure that products reach their destinations safely and on time, keeping the ‘wheels of our society’ turning. Safety is the top priority in all our logistics activities.

Ground transportation

NEOT’s ground transportation is focused on Finland, where our haulier partners are responsible for regional fuel deliveries to retail stations and fuel oil customers. 

Over 220,000

annual deliveries to retail stations and fuel oil customers


NEOT’s shipping operations focus on the Baltic Sea and the Norwegian coastal area. The majority of our shipping operations are done with six time-chartered vessels.

Over 300

sea voyages in a year.


NEOT operates six terminals located in Hamina, Pori, Vaasa, Oulu, Varkaus, and Kuopio in Finland. 


Maintaining and strengthening a preventive safety culture is the foundation of our safety work.

Almost 2,500

job observations and observation tours in 2022