Feedstocks and origin of products

Transparency and sustainability of the supply chain is one of our most important development areas, and we are committed to continuously improving our performance in this regard.

Our most important source of supply is St1 refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Origin of fuel products

We source majority of our fossil-based oil products from various refineries located in the Baltic Sea region, mainly in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Our most important source of procurement is St1’s refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden, from which the fossil products we procure cover around half of NEOT’s total supplied fossil products. Gothenburg also serves as a blending hub for the final products we supply.

Renewable fuels are sourced globally. We ensure that the renewable fuels we supply are traceable and fully compatible with the required regulations in the markets where we operate. 

Renewable fuels must comply with strict traceability and sustainability requirements.

Specific traceability and sustainability requirements apply to renewable fuels, and the origin of feedstocks used in renewable fuels distributed within the EU must be traceable. 

NEOT sources renewable fuels from suppliers whose operations comply with official EU sustainability criteria; either approved EU voluntary schemes, such as ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), or nationally accepted sustainability schemes.

NEOT’s own operations are certified according to ISCC, Finnish and Swedish national sustainability systems, as well as by Norwegian authorities’ requirements.

Feedstocks for renewable fuels

Renewable fuels can be produced from vegetable oils, sugar and starch crops or various waste and residue streams, such as animal fats. In 2022, 85% of the renewable fuels supplied by NEOT were produced from waste and residues. 

Feedstock breakdown of renewable fuels supplied by NEOT in 2022:

  • Animal fats 32%
  • Palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) 29%
  • Used cooking oil (UCO) 17%
  • Other 12%
  • Sugar cane 6%
  • Wheat 4%

Origin of renewable feedstocks

The biggest share of feedstocks used in renewable fuels supplied by NEOT in 2022 originated from the Asia-Pacific region (42%) and Europe (33%). Availability of renewable feedstocks, for instance in the Nordic countries, is very limited.

Origin of renewable feedstocks by region in 2022:

  • Asia-Pacific 42%
  • Europe 33%
  • North America 16%
  • South America 8%
  • Australia 1%

Origin of crude oil

We source the majority of our oil products from several nearby refineries, mainly located in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Unlike renewable fuels, fossil fuels do not have legal traceability and sustainability requirements. The lack of binding legislation poses challenges for determining the precise origin of crude oil. We constantly strive to enhance our understanding of the origin of crude oil used in the fossil products we supply.