Supplying change

We are a compact but highly knowledgeable fuel procurement and logistics company. We supply fuel products to our owners’, St1 and S Group, for use in Finland, Sweden and Norway as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Keeping the wheels of society turning

We supply and deliver fuels where they are needed – for moving goods and people, heating, and as energy for industries. Additionally, we are a cornerstone of energy security, and take our responsibility with utmost importance.​

Quite literally, we keep the wheels of society turning – both in normal everyday life and in more uncertain conditions.​


Efficient and sustainable supply is the core of our operations. We source renewable fuels globally and the majority of our fossil products come from the Nordic countries.

One of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces!

NEOT has been recognised as one of the most inspiring workplaces in Finland during the past few years.


With top-notch logistics operations, we ensure that products reach their destinations safely and on time. Safety is the top priority in all our logistics activities.


We operate in a critical industry both from the perspective of society and climate which is why we are especially motivated to do things as sustainably as possible.

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