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High quality fuels

NEOT acquires its fuels from the best possible sources. With consideration of sustainability and environmental aspects, utilization of domestic waste and residue-based raw material is maximized in bio products.

Gasoline fuels

We offer two gasoline grades differing mainly by their octane rating and ethanol concentration.

Diesel fuels

The diesel fuel supplied by NEOT is a high-quality product suitable for the varying weather conditions in Finland.

Fuel oils

Fuel oils suitable for heating and motor use are available in both summer and winter grade.

Ethanol fuel E85

E85 is a ethanol fuel developed for Finnish conditions, which reduces motoring-related fossil carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%.

Ethanol diesel ED95

The ethanol diesel ED95 is a renewable fuel that can replace fossil diesel in urban buses and heavy transport vehicles.

Product specifications and safety data sheets

Product specifications and Safety data sheets
for gasoline, diesel and flex fuel engines.

Carefully selected raw materials

Fuels are produced of high-quality raw materials delivered from the refineries of our carefully selected co-operation partners. Most of the oil products we use have been refined in the Nordic region.

Oil products mainly consist of crude oil-based distillates, one or more bio components and additives improving the use and storage properties of the product. In bio components we aim to maximize the use of domestic waste and residue-based raw materials.

Precise quality assurance

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products all the way to the customer’s tank, the entire supply chain is covered by oil products quality control. Before leaving the refinery, the compliance of product with legislative and standard requirements is confirmed. Upon receipt of a product shipment at our terminal, the most important product characteristics are checked for compliance with the refinery’s product analysis results before transferring it to our tanks. Product distribution from the terminal is arranged using means of transport applied solely for fuels transportation.

Renewable components in fuels

Increasing renewable components in fuels in Europe aims to reduce oil dependence and carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. In Finland bio components are used in all traffic fuels. Their growing share in traffic fuels is based on the legally prescribed distribution obligation.

According to the distribution obligation, the total energy content of the fuels delivered by the distributor for transport fuels must be at least a certain percentage of renewable fuels (12% in Finland in 2022). The amounts are based on the Act on Distribution Obligation law, the National Liquid Fuel Quality Regulation and the Quality Criteria for Standards.