NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2023 has been published

NEOT has published its Sustainability Report for 2023 and it is available at the company’s website  under the Sustainability section. Sustainability is an integral part of NEOT Spirit, the value foundation of our company, and runs through all our operations.

For NEOT, 2023 was as a year of increased clarity even though the global geopolitical situation impacting the markets remains far from resolved or clear. The European energy markets have steadily adapted to the new situation after the significant changes in market fundamentals resulting from the on-going war in Ukraine.  Uncertain external circumstances highlighted the need for a strong understanding of the company’s position, priorities, and fundamental values. In 2022, after the COVID pandemic and beginning of war in Europe, we recognized a need to clarify our purpose, strategy, values, and role in energy transition – basically, the fundamentals of our company. Therefore, in 2023, we put increased effort into fostering clarity within our people; empowering our employees with a clear sense of identity, purpose, and direction. As a result, we now have a clearer shared understanding of, for example, how our operations contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Our highlights from 2023

NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2023 applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting guidelines. We report with reference to the GRI Standards, and the report is not compliant with the GRI Standards in accordance criteria. NEOT’s sustainability reporting is voluntary-based and the information presented in the report has not been verified by an external third party

NEOT Sustainability Report 2023

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