NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2022 has been published

Sustainability is an integral part of NEOT Spirit, the value foundation of our company, and runs through all our operations. We also acknowledge the importance of telling our stakeholders about our work. Our annual Sustainability Report presents the most important events and development steps taken during the reporting year.

Continuously deepening our understanding about the direct and indirect impacts our operations have on people and the environment throughout our value chain is at the core of our sustainability work. In 2022, we started a materiality assessment process to review our sustainability agenda and the results of the assessment will be published during 2023.

“Our aim for the assessment project is to make sure that we know our impacts as thoroughly as possible and focus on the right things in our sustainability work”, says Milla Kaikuluoma, Director, Sustainability, Communications and People Development, NEOT.

Our favorites from 2022

NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2022 applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting guidelines. We report with reference to the GRI Standards, and the report is not compliant with the GRI Standards in accordance criteria. NEOT’s sustainability reporting is voluntary-based and the information presented in the report has not been verified by an external third party.

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