NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2020 has been published

NEOT has published its Sustainability Report for 2020 and it is available at the company’s website within the Sustainability section. The new report is NEOT’s fourth sustainability report available for our stakeholders.

In our latest report, Covid-19 was at the forefront in our operations but the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) continued to play an important role.

“We have been extremely happy about the agile way that we have been able to maintain our efficiency, productivity as well as good vibes in the teams during these unusual times. The initial thought was that some development programmes would have stalled during these times, but our employees and other key stakeholders stepped up and helped to continue key initiatives within our SDG targets”, says Chad Edwards, Director of Sustainability at NEOT.

Examples from our sustainability work in 2020

NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2020 applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards (2016) reporting guidelines where applicable but is not compliant with the standard’s requirements in accordance criteria either at the “Comprehensive” nor “Core” level. NEOT’s sustainability reporting is voluntary-based and the information presented in the report has not been verified by an external third party.

Read Sustainability Report 2020

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