NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2019 has been published

NEOT has published its Sustainability Report 2019 and it is available at the company’s website under Sustainability section. The new report is NEOT’s third sustainability report available for external stakeholders.

In our latest report, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been given a stronger role.

”The UN Sustainable Development Goals form a backbone for our sustainability work which is why we wanted them to be also in the core of our reporting. We have selected four SDGs as the basis of our sustainability work, and we see that these areas are the ones where we have the biggest possibilities to have an impact with our operations. We approach the targets from the perspective of our own operations and the industry we operate in. We have defined what each of the four targets mean particularly for us,” says Milla Kaikuluoma, Director, Sustainability, Communications and People Development, NEOT.

Examples from our sustainability work in 2019

NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2019 applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards (2016) reporting guidelines where applicable but is not compliant with the standard’s requirements in accordance criteria either at the “Comprehensive” nor “Core” level. NEOT’s sustainability reporting is voluntary-based and the information presented in the report has not been verified by an external third party.

Read NEOT’s Sustainability Report 2019

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