AI improves the safety of fuel loadings

This summer, NEOT is taking a leap in digitalisation as Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be implemented to improve the safety of loading operations at Oulu terminal. The purpose of using AI is to help prevent unwanted product mixes by recognising the compatibility of the attached loading arms and a loading plan automatically and in real time with the help of video technology.

During the pilot project, AI will be taught to identify incorrect loading connections and act as a preventive safety tool. In other words, the driver gets an extra helper to assist with the loading and ensure safe operations!

“AI is at its best in this type of use where it can help prevent incidents resulting from human error. The driver will oversee the operation also in the future, AI just has his or her back,” says Miika Leskinen, CIO, NEOT.

Drivers play a key role in teaching the AI

AI is not able to learn by itself, it needs to be taught. During this summer, the drivers loading at the Oulu terminal get an opportunity to teach the AI proper loading activities through a tablet application. Even though AI will be a great support for improving the efficiency of loadings, it will not reach the drivers’ level of know-how which makes their undivided attention crucial also in the future.

“According to our knowledge, this type of technology is not used in other companies’ terminals, and therefore we are very eager to see the results from our pilot project. If we are pleased with the benefits reached with the use of AI, the procedures tested at Oulu can be expanded also to other terminals,” says Miika Leskinen.

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