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Revolution in fuel distribution

12 April 2018 | News

Revolution in fuel distribution

This week marks a start of a new, Renewable era in fuel distribution. The first ED95 fuelled ethanol diesel truck began delivering fuel to petrol stations in Finland’s capital area. NEOT has been pushing for this development together with Scania Finland to have ADR approval for ethanol powered trucks. Now haulier T.Rusi has taken up the first ED95 truck in their fleet and is delivering fuels to stations as part of their normal operation.

Scania has developed the ED95 engine technology over 30 years and it is well functioning readily available technology. This fuel reduces significantly greenhouse gas emissions as well as particulate and NOx emissions that are harmful for human health are practically next to nothing. Now that the engine can be used also in fuel distribution trucks, it opens even larger application potential. The truck is the latest addition to already existing fleet of buses, waste collectors and goods distribution. Therefore, the potential to reduce these harmful emissions from ED95 fuel in distribution and public transport is massive.

NEOT has an ambition to increase these trucks in own hauliers’ fleets. The increasing biomandates in the Nordic countries require new applications where high blend biofuels can be used. ED95 is ideal as it replaces fossil diesel from road transportation with locally produced waste-based ethanol.