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Ethanol diesel ED95

The ethanol diesel ED95 is a renewable fuel that can replace fossil diesel in urban buses and heavy transport vehicles. ED95 significantly reduces CO2-emissions as well as harmful particulate and NOx-emissions.

ED95 has been developed for challenging weather conditions in the north and therefore it also contains special components which improve cold start. Ethanol diesel is not suitable for standard diesel engines. Ethanol requires an engine which materials, fuel nozzles and starter motors are designed for high ethanol content. As such, diesel engine does not run with ethanol due to its low ignition, i.e. due to the high octane rating.

At present, only diesel engines suitable for ED95 are manufactured by Scania. The use of Ethanol diesel is being extended in Finland by encouraging experiences in pilot cars.

Read more about ED95-engine technology on Scania’s website:

Read more about domestic ethanol production on St1’s website:

Product and safety data sheets: Ethanol diesel ED95

Ethanol diesel ED95 is not suitable for standard diesel engines.

Did you know?

ED95 typically contains 92% aqueous ethanol, 5% flammability enhancers and 3% ethers and isobutanol, which act as denaturing agents.