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Diesel fuels

The diesel fuel supplied by NEOT is a high-quality product suitable for the varying weather conditions in Finland. Diesel fuels contain anti-foaming, lubricating and anti-corrosion components ensuring safe use of the products in all diesel engines of passenger cars and commercial transport vehicles.

We supply diesel fuels of different cold resistance levels

The NEOT diesel -10/-20 is available in summer; the lowest operating temperature of such fuel is -20 degrees. Improved cold resistance provides for a longer period of use of the summer-grade product.

During the winter season, the NEOT diesel -25/-35, NEOT diesel -30/-38 and Diesel -29/-34 are available. NEOT diesel -25/-35 is suitable for most common winter conditions in Finland, since it remains usable all the way down to minus 35 degrees. NEOT diesel -30/-38 is winter diesel to the northernmost Finland since it remains usable all the way down to minus 38 degrees. Diesel -29/-34 is usable all the way down to minus 34 degrees. We also offer Arctic diesel.

The cetane number is the most important engine feature of diesel

The main features of a diesel fuel are related to cold usability and ignition. The cetane number indicates the fuel ignition sensitivity. It describes the quality of the diesel fuel as well as the octane number describes the quality of the gasoline. The higher the cetane number, the faster the fuel will ignite in the engine.

More environmentally friendly driving

Renewable components are added to diesel fuels to reduce carbon dioxide, particulate and NOx-emissions. Like gasoline, diesel also contains bio-based and other renewable components. The diesel fuel sold in Finland is sulfur free (sulfur content below 10 mg/kg).

Product and safety data sheets: Diesel fuels

Finland’s varying weather conditions require different grades of diesel fuels

Did you know?

Cloud point is the lowest fuel storage temperature allowed.

Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) is the lowest operating temperature i.e. the temperature in which a well-maintained and properly built vehicle still runs smoothly.