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NEOT’s logistics network strengthened by a new ED95 tank truck

27 August 2019 | News


NEOT’s logistics network strengthened by a new ED95 tank truck

NEOT’s haulier partner Helokivi Oy has strengthened its fleet with a new ED95 ethanol diesel tank truck. This is the second tank truck operating within NEOT’s logistics network. Finland’s first ever ED95 tank truck used for fuel deliveries was introduced by NEOT’s haulier partner T. Rusi in 2018. Both tank trucks are mainly delivering fuels to ABC, St1 and Shell stations in the Finnish capital area.
ED95 is a renewable fuel that can replace fossil-based diesel in heavy vehicles and busses. Its use significantly reduces CO2 emissions as well as harmful particulates and NOx emissions.
“By adding ED95 tank truck to our fleet we wanted to demonstrate our support for NEOT’s commitment to cleaner traffic as well as strengthen other operators’ trust towards this technology. Based on the feedback received from the drivers both the power and driving performance of the vehicle are at an excellent level. In addition, the economic efficiency of the fuel consumption has been a positive surprise,” says Joni Helokivi, CEO, Helokivi Oy.

NEOT aims to increase the use of ED95 tank trucks and other vehicles with lower environmental impact in its logistics network.
“We continuously strive to decrease the emissions resulting from our logistics operations by introducing new fuels solutions as well as improving our energy-efficiency. It’s always encouraging when our suppliers invest in vehicles with lower impact on the environment,” says Sirpa Saarinen, Logistics Director, NEOT.

Due to ethanol’s specific features, it cannot be used in standard diesel engines. Currently the only engines suitable for ED95 are manufactured by Scania who has been developing ED95 technology for over 30 years. NEOT has been promoting ADR approval for ethanol powered tank trucks together with Scania Finland.