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NEOT Spirit crystallises our company values

22 January 2019 | News


NEOT Spirit crystallises our company values

From time to time it’s good to stop and reflect on who you are and what you value. This was done also at NEOT in the end of last year when the company’s existing values were placed under common scrutiny. The entire personnel had the opportunity to share thoughts about NEOT’s values, and as a result the values were revised to reflect the company’s mindset and ways of working even better.

“NEOT has always had a strong culture which has made us stand out positively. We did not invent new values but rather emphasised and crystallised some aspects that make our company special,” says Petri Appel, CEO, NEOT.

The existing values and new aspects were merged into updated value foundation called “NEOT Spirit” which is based on four cornerstones; agility, sustainability, competitive advantage and good vibes.

”NEOT Spirit describes our company’s principles and ways of working very well. Our target was to clarify what kind of company we want to be and what we value, and I think we succeeded to do that. We strive to continuously strengthen NEOT Spirit in our own operations as well as in our partnerships,” says Petri Appel.


We prefer to do and decide things today rather than tomorrow. If something doesn’t work, we are not afraid to change it. The ability to adapt to change is the backbone of our way of working. Our principle in respect to decision-making is simple; the best argument wins regardless of who presents it.

We acknowledge our impact on people and the environment. Operating in a sensitive and challenging industry makes us even more motivated to do things as sustainably as possible. We aim to operate in a way that makes our people proud of being a part of NEOT.

Competitive advantage
Everything we do leads to a competitive advantage for our owners. In business you cannot succeed without being efficient. We succeed by acting smart, particularly in terms of invested time and money.

Good vibes
Success is not achieved with blood, sweat and tears. Success is achieved by motivation, health and good vibes. We want our expert troops to feel good, which is why supporting and developing their well-being is high on our agenda. Respect for everyone’s work and individuality guides our behavior. We want to help our people to be the best versions of themselves.