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Sustainability is in the heart of our operations. Having sustainability as integral part of our strategy and it is part of our daily work. We want to lead by example, showing that sustainable business is also profitable business.

Fuels for the future

We are actively seeking new, more sustainable, fuel solutions that reduce the impact of transport energy to environment and human health. Reducing life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and particulate emissions is in the core of our operation. These new fuel solutions must also be cost-efficient.

Sustainability in our supply chain

We aim to continuously improve the performance of our supply chain. In practice, this mean more efficient and flexible logistics and cleaner energy sources. Feedstocks used in our products must come from sustainable sources. Therefore, we thrive to do business with suppliers and partners who can demonstrate sustainable operation.

Sustainability policies and principles

We are committed to doing business with integrity and high ethical standards. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and expect the same also from our partners.
NEOT’s operations and the behavior of our employees are guided by the principles and requirements set out in our Code of Conduct (Code). The Code is supplemented by NEOT’s ‘Supplier Expectations’ and Human Rights Policy. The purpose of these documents is to guide ethically sound decision-making and encourage responsible action at NEOT.

We take any misconduct or breaches seriously. All our employees are encouraged to react to any action contravening NEOT Code of Conduct or current legislation. Employees can report their observations of misconduct to their supervisor, occupational health care professionals or HR and legal services. We are currently developing our compliance channels to make sure all possible misconducts will be reported. All notifications of non-compliances should be made in good faith.

NEOT Code of Conduct
NEOT Supplier Expectations
NEOT Human Rights Policy

Sustainability reporting

NEOT strives to report about the company’s sustainability work and how its operations impact people and the environment as transparently and openly as possible. NEOT’s sustainability reporting applies the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards (2016) reporting guidelines where applicable. The report presents NEOT’s business model as well as our most important sustainability themes and achievements during the reporting year. We develop our reporting continuously based on received feedback.

Biofuels sustainability

We control the sustainability of our supply chain through our sustainability scheme. This is developed based on the principles of European Directive on Renewable Energy. NEOT continuously verifies the sustainability scheme and currently it has been approved against Finnish national legislation and it fulfils Swedish and Norwegian requirements. This is mandatory approval for all companies willing to operate in fuel sector and who are mandated supply biofuels. Additionally our sustainability scheme is certified by European Commission approved voluntary scheme, ISCC EU. We apply following principles to ensure sustainable fuel procurement:

Supplier selection

We source biofuels only from suppliers who fulfil the required sustainability criteria.


We know the origin of our feedstocks and biofuels we use.


We ensure that our contracts take into consideration relevant sustainability aspects.

Certificates and auditing

We make sure the sustainability criteria is fulfilled and we also perform our own monitoring and audits.



NEOT operates its biofuels procurement under Euroopan Commission approved voluntary sustainability scheme ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). NEOT fuel procurement is certified according to ISCC in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

  • ISCC Certificate: EU-ISCC-Cert- SE205-00000124