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NEOT Group

NEOT Group specializes in oil and bioproducts wholesale and in the Nordic countries we supply annually roughly 6 billion liters of fuels to large service station chains St1, ABC and Shell. Hundreds of thousands Finnish homes and companies are heated by oil delivered by NEOT. In addition, we supply significant fuel amounts to be used in seagoing vessels and in the aviation industry.

NEOT is the significant fuel supply company in the Baltic Sea region

NEOT is a significant independent fuel supply company in the Baltic Sea region and operates actively on the global trading market. Our vision is to become the most innovative and cost-efficient  fuel solutions supply company.

Our turnover in 2021 was approximately 4 billion EUR.  NEOT is owned by SOK and St1 Nordic Oy. The purpose of our operations is to provide our owners with competitive and sustainable fuel solutions and secure competitiveness of their supply chains.

NEOT Oy | Finland

  • Volumes 2021: about 2.4 billion liters
  • Market shares 2017: ABC+St1: Gasoline 53.7%, diesel 33.2%, light fuel oil 23.7% (source: ÖBA,
  • Number of terminals operated by NEOT: 6

NEOT Ab | Sweden

  • Volumes 2021: about 1.7 billion liters
  • Market shares 2019: St1: Gasoline 18.5%, diesel 13.0%, light fuel oil 27.5% (source: SPBI,

NEOT As | Norway

  • Volumes 2021: about 2.1 billion liters
  • Market shares 2019: St1; Gasoline 17.9%, diesel 17.6%, marine fuel 29.8% (source: St1 Annual Report 2019)

Supply by countries 2021

  • NEOT Oy Finland

  • NEOT Ab Sweden

  • NEOT As Norway

NEOT in a nutshell


The parent company NEOT Oy is owned by SOK (51%) and St1 Nordic Oy (49%)


NEOT Group’s turnover in 2019 was 5.5 billion EUR.


We handle annually roughly 7 billion liters of fuels.


Around 2,000 service stations and hundreds of thousands of homes and companies.


Our haulier partners’ around 120 tank trucks and 300 drivers take care of our road transportation in Finland.


Our road transportations cover annually about 14 million kilometers.

Company structure

NEOT Group -yhtiörakenne

NEOT Group operates in the Nordics

North European Oil Trade (NEOT) is owned by SOK (51%) and St1 Nordic (49%). NEOT Oy operates in Finland and owns NEOT AB (Sweden) and NEOT AS (Norway). Together NEOT Oy, NEOT AB ja NEOT AS form NEOT Group.

NEOT AB (Sweden) and NEOT AS (Norway) do not have employees and they are operated by NEOT Oy staff in Finland. NEOT Oy employs around 50 people in Helsinki Kamppi.

NEOT Spirit

NEOT Spirit reflects what kind of company we want to be and what  we value.
It forms the basis for the way we operate.